Finance, Facility & Equipment

Finance, Facility and Equipment  Committee



The Finance, Facility and Equipment Committee has responsibility and authority to review monthly financial statements, 

     assist in the preparation of the annual operating budget and three-year strategic budget,

      secure an annual audit or review,

      review accounting and record-keeping procedures,

      review capital project budgets and

      review insurance coverage.



Maintain proper insurance for facilities, vehicles, equipment, and personnel.

Evaluate insurance needs and cost at annual renewal.

Communicate with the church annual renewal costs, changes, and recommendations.

Prepare budget recommendations, in consultation with the appropriate staff.


The Church owns the property and buildings free and clear.


At present, there is no Endowment Fund


Members of the committee are: 

Charles Soule, Who is Church Treasurer and Chairman of this committee

Bill Stark; Fred Sanford; Josh Cooper; Charlie Ellis; James Cobb; Laura Kennon; Richard Bordin and Illisa Gaellen.